Pet Wellness Plans in Pewaukee, WI

At Pewaukee Veterinary Service, we know how much your pets mean to you. They’re members of the family, and like any member, they deserve a high level of healthcare that suits their needs. Our pet exams and wellness services do just that.

We create custom pet wellness plans to suit your pet's health perfectly so they can remain a happy, healthy companion from puppy and kitten-hood through their golden years. Call our team of veterinary professionals at (262) 347-0787 to schedule an appointment your pet's exam!

What to Expect at a Wellness Exam

Every wellness exam has elements that remain the same for all pets, as well as pieces that are specific to your pet. Here are some of the things you can expect at your pet’s wellness exam:

  • Complete physical, checking the eyes, ears, nose, mouth, skin and coat, heart, lungs, and more
  • Weight check and body condition score
  • Fecal exam
  • Parasite prevention (evaluation of their current preventative and a prescription refill if needed)
  • Vaccinations (if due)
  • Age-appropriate bloodwork to screen for disease and get baseline values
  • Discussion of nutrition
  • Addressing any behavioral problems, if present
  • Spay and neuter options for puppies and kittens
  • Time to answer all your questions
vet using stethoscope on a cat

Your pet needs annual wellness care throughout their life to remain in the best of health!

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Domestic & International Health Certificates

If you are traveling with your pet, either domestically or internationally, you need the appropriate health certificate for your destination state or country. Our USDA-accredited veterinarians can help you get the right health certificate for your pet. Fill out the form below and call us at (262) 347-0787 to schedule an appointment.

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Making Senior Pet Care a Priority

As pet adoption becomes more popular for older pets and veterinary medicine makes it possible for pets to live longer than ever, senior care is becoming an increasingly important part of our preventative care services. Seniors have unique needs and require a more vigilant approach to their health.

While younger pets require annual exams, we recommend semi-annual exams for seniors. Since they are at a point in their lives where the onset of disease can happen rapidly, the more often we see them, the more likely we are to catch diseases early when they are easily treatable. Other common problems for seniors that we’ll need to address include:

  • Arthritis (a common condition for older pets)
  • Senility
  • Failing vision and hearing loss
  • Changes in diet to meet their nutrition needs
  • Re-evaluation of vaccine needs
  • And more

Our Area’s Common Problems: Lyme Disease & Allergies

Every region has its problems, and for our pets, the issues tend to be Lyme disease and allergies. Lyme disease is a tick-borne illness most commonly propagated by the deer tick.

Dogs are most vulnerable as they are outdoors more often, and have a higher level of sensitivity than cats do. Tick preventatives are essential for our pets, and for dogs who are commonly outdoors, we offer a Lyme vaccine to provide one more layer of protection.

Allergies in our area are typically seasonal. Summer and fall bring about the most reactions from our pets, which include itchy skin that they scratch, lick, and bite at incessantly. This causes inflammation and skin damage, which opens the door to infection.

Luckily, we have medications that can fight both the source of the allergy and any secondary infections. Call (262) 347-0787 or make an appointment online for your pet!

cat scratching itself