Our Pet Salon Offers Dog Grooming Services With Style

As part of our commitment to comprehensive services for your dog or cat, Pewaukee Veterinary Service (PVS) is also home to a professional pet grooming salon. We welcome dogs and cats of all sizes and breeds, and have a team of top groomers ready to help your furry family member look and feel his or her best. Regular bathing, haircuts and conditioning, nail trims, and ear cleanings are essential to your pet’s health and well-being, so trust us for a four-paw spa experience in a convenient, professional setting.

Waukesha County’s Best Pet Groomers

We offer the latest in professional pet grooming services—everything from a puppy “fluff and go” to standard and breed-specific haircuts, including:
• Basic bath, blow dry, and brushing
• Clipper and hand-scissoring techniques
• Custom cuts
• Nail trimming and shaping—“paw-dicures”
• Special attention for ears, eyes, and glands
• Salon quality hypoallergenic products
• Custom bow or bandana for every client

Convenient Scheduling Keeps Pets Clean and Comfortable

Grooming services are available by appointment, Monday through Saturday, with both early and late morning times for your convenience. We also offer advance scheduling, so you can book all your pet’s grooming appointments at once to stay on a routine.

We recommend year-round grooming because neat, clean fur can help minimize skin irritation and allergies. In fact, matting is not just “a bad hair day”—it’s a painful health issue in which your pet’s hair is constantly pulling at the base of the skin, causing limited circulation, severe discomfort, sores, and infections. Regular grooming removes knots and dead hair, and allows for proper air circulation and stimulation for healthy skin and a happier animal.

Grooming Rates and Requirements

Rates are dependent on your pet’s breed, size, and the extent of services required. Our groomers will assess each pet’s needs and discuss recommendations with you. To ensure a safe and positive experience for everyone, only well-tempered animals are accepted, and proof of current vaccinations and flea and tick protection must be provided prior to your appointment.

For an appointment, or if you have questions about our pet spa or grooming services, please contact one of our “stylists” today at 262-347-0787.

Disclaimer: Our policies, pricing, services, and hours of operation are not negotiable, may change without notice, and are subject to availability. Pewaukee Veterinary Service reserves the right to refuse admittance to any pet guest for any reason, at any time, including those who do not have proof of health history and vaccinations, exhibit symptoms of potentially contagious or untreated conditions, display aggressive behaviors, or who does not otherwise comply with our temperament and health policies.