New Clients Welcome

As a new client, you’re probably wondering what you can expect at your first visit to Pewaukee Veterinary Service. First things first, we pride ourselves on delivering outstanding veterinary care with compassion for both you and your pet. The relationship we begin forming at your first visit will lay the foundation for the years to come.

Everything You Need to Know About Your First Visit

  • Before Your Visit:

Please fill out our new client form on this page before your first visit with us. It helps us to start to get to know you and prepare for your visit. Additionally, please bring a fresh fecal sample with you that we can test for intestinal parasites.

  • What to Expect from Us:

Our friendly client service representatives will be the first faces you see as you enter the hospital. Soon after you check-in, a technician will take you to an exam room to go over your pet’s medical history and address any concerns you have about their health or behavior. One of our experienced veterinarians will then come in to perform a thorough examination, administer any vaccinations if needed, and order any further diagnostics. Throughout every exam and procedure, your pet will be treated with the same kindness and care that we would expect for our own pets.

  • Before You Leave

Don’t forget to schedule your pet’s next appointment! Staying on top of their veterinary care is the best way to ensure their lasting well-being.

  • Ask Us Questions

We know it can be hard to think of all the right questions during your pet's exam. That’s why we encourage you to call, email, or stop in again to ask us whatever is on your mind. We’re more than happy to help!