dogs and cats in boarding with Pewaukee Veterinary Service team members

Pet Boarding—A Home Away From Home for Your Dog or Cat

For your next vacation, business trip, or any time you need a place for your pet to stay for a day, night, weekend, or longer, our pet boarding is the ideal home away from home. Pewaukee Veterinary Service (PVS) offers full-service pet hotel accommodations for cats and dogs of all sizes. Luxury canine suites, lots of interaction and exercise with our pet care services team, supervision by our veterinarians, and phone or text updates ensure you’ll feel as comfortable leaving your pets with us as they will during their stay.

Our number one priority is the health and safety of each pet guest, but we also strive to make their time with us fun and stress-free—for them and you. While we have some rules, we also have a number of special services—from extra walks and group play to treats and grooming—to upgrade their experience. Options and any additional fees, if applicable, will be discussed when you make your reservation, but please review our checklist below:

Get started—our staff members are knowledgeable in pet care and trained by our medical team, but we want to be prepared for every guest and every situation. You will need to complete and return the following forms prior to your pet’s stay:

Pet Boarding Form

Boarding Rules Acknowledgement

Check-in and pick-up days and times will be discussed in advance, as well as any special instructions or services you would like us to provide for your pet. Trust that we will do everything possible to keep your dog or cat comfortable during his or her stay with us.

• Shots required—in the best interest of your best friend, all pets must be current on vaccinations, including Rabies, Distemper, Bordetella, a negative fecal, and flea and tick prevention.

• Pack light—for health reasons, we don’t allow you to bring bedding, toys, and dishes—we’ll provide those. If separation anxiety is a concern, also bring one of your shirts for your pet to snuggle with.

• But pack food—being away from home can be stressful for pets, so to minimize tummy trouble, we ask that you bring the food and treats they are accustomed to. Clearly mark your container with your pet’s first and last name, tell us about portion size and feeding time, and we’ll take it from there.

Playtime is included—guests have many potty breaks and opportunities to socialize and exercise, but only if they feel comfortable around others. For some, one-on-one time with our staff is preferred.

• Special attention available—if your pet requires medication or has special needs, we can accommodate most requests with advanced notice and detailed instructions. Any medications should be brought with your pet, in the original bottle with his or her name and dosing information. Depending on your pet’s needs, there may be additional fees for care during their stay with us.

To ensure our younger guests start out on the right paw, puppies will have additional personal potty break times and social interaction—compliments of our staff. Kittens will also receive extra personal attention throughout their visit.


Boarding accommodations are assigned according to the size of your dog and range in price from $30 to $46 a night. Luxury suites, however, can be reserved for any dog who will be more relaxed and happy with extra room. For cats, private condos are just $27 a night.

Disclaimer: Our policies, pricing, services, and hours of operation are not negotiable, may change without notice, and are subject to availability. Due to consistently high demand for pet boarding at our facility, and to ensure all our clients and their pets receive the quality service they deserve, we highly recommend making your boarding reservations well in advance. If you need to cancel your boarding reservation, 48-hour advanced notice, by telephone, is required.

Pewaukee Veterinary Service reserves the right to refuse admittance to any pet guest for any reason, at any time, including those who do not have proof of health history and vaccinations, exhibit symptoms of potentially contagious or untreated conditions, display aggressive behaviors, or who does not otherwise comply with our temperament and health policies. Our staff members are knowledgeable in pet care and trained by our medical team. In the event of an emergency situation or injury to your pet, our medical staff will contact you.

Special Pet Care, One Day at a Time

We also offer day boarding as an alternative to daycare, for pets who may be shy, have social challenges, or just need a place to relax for the day. These guests receive food (brought by owner), potty breaks, and exercise throughout the day, as well as lots of attention from our staff.

Check Us Out Before Your Pet Checks In

We want you to be completely comfortable choosing PVS for all your pet’s health and wellness needs. Your questions are welcomed and we are also happy to provide personal guided tours of our boarding, doggie day care, and hospital facilities upon request.