Use A Pet Microchip for a Permanent Link Back Home

Pets go missing every day, no matter how hard we try to keep them in our homes and our yards. They slip out an open gate, hop out of an open window, or even follow us quietly out the door. Losing a pet is stressful because you don’t know where they’ll end up or if they’ll make it back home. With one of our microchips from Home Again, you can have a little more peace of mind. Pet microchipping offers a permanent form of identification for your pet that links them back to you. No matter where they end up, they’re really only a phone call away.

Why Does My Indoor-Only Pet Need a Microchip?

Pet microchipping isn’t just for the chronic escape artist. Even the most innocent of pets can be curious enough to venture out a door left open or a cracked window. A cat or dog microchip gives them a safety line back home that cannot be removed or damaged like a collar or ID tag. It is an indelible link to you and significantly improves your pet’s chances of a safe return.

Pet Microchip Service in Pewaukee, WI: Cat Hiding in Tall Grass

What is It and How Does It Work?

Microchips are tiny devices, no larger than a grain of rice. Each emits a unique identification code that can only be read by a microchip scanner. We insert the microchip between your pet’s shoulder blades, and the procedure is as simple as giving a vaccination. The unique ID code corresponds to your direct contact information on the microchip company’s online database. In our case, Home Again is our microchip provider, so you would upload your contact information on their website.

In the event your pet goes missing, you can report it on Home Again’s site so that vet practices, shelters, and even other pet owners in your area are aware that your pet is lost. With so many eyes looking out for your pet, they’re much more likely to be found. When they are recovered, the shelter or vet practice will read their ID code with their scanner and contact Home Again, who will then contact you to arrange a reunion.

Pet Microchip Service in Pewaukee, WI: Dog Running On Trail

More Reasons to Microchip

In addition to giving your pet a permanent link back home, Home Again microchips also come with a number of features and applications including:

  • Lost pet specialists who offer you round-the-clock support
  • Personalized lost pet posters you can create on Home Again’s website
  • 24/7 emergency medical hotline staffed with licensed ASPCA vets
  • Travel assistance for found pets (for pets found 500 or more miles from home)
  • Microchip-enabled devices like food bowls, pet doors, and more

Ask us about a microchip for your cat or dog at your next appointment!