Cat & Dog Diagnostic Imaging in Pewaukee, WI

If your pet needs diagnostic testing that goes beyond a physical examination and blood work, our animal hospital in Pewaukee, WI, is able to provide advanced diagnostic imaging for both dogs and cats. Our imaging tools include digital radiography, ultrasound, and CT scan.

This diagnostic equipment allows us to take extra steps to investigate underlying health concerns in our patients, and find more suitable treatment options based on their diagnoses. It also aids us in our endeavor to provide the best preventive medicine so pets can live longer and happier lives.

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The Benefits of Digital Radiography

Radiographs can help to uncover bone and joint problems, but they can also help us identify diseases of the heart and lungs. Our digital radiography equipment uses less radiation than traditional film X-ray equipment, and produces higher-quality images. It also enables us to quickly save and send radiographs to specialists for external review.

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What is a CT Scan?

CT, or computed tomography, is an imaging technique that uses X-rays to produce images, or “slices,” of an affected area. The tube-like structure of the machine emits X-rays as it rotates around the body. This imaging technique is more detailed than radiography, able to highlight more subtle changes and structures by revealing them in greater contrast.

Performing a CT scan takes less time than it takes to position your pet, but to ensure clear, quality images, your pet needs to be anesthetized for a short period. Additionally, this allows us to obtain more information and better understand your pet’s condition.

CT scan can help to reveal deeper changes and abnormalities, such as tumors, hematomas, fractures, and vascular problems.

The Importance of Cat and Dog Ultrasound in Pewaukee, WI

Unlike digital radiography and CT scan, ultrasound uses sound waves to produce internal images of your pet, and can provide our veterinarians in Pewaukee, WI, with a clear visual of their soft tissue organs. Like other forms of diagnostic imaging that we offer, ultrasound may be the recommended next step if the results of a physical exam and blood work prove inconclusive. This tool can provide us with the answers we need to properly diagnose and treat your companion.

Ultrasound procedures can help us detect pregnancies, tumors, cysts, fluid buildup, and other problems related to the soft tissue organs.

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Let Our Pewaukee, WI, Veterinarians Find Out What's Going on with Diagnostic Imaging

With our diagnostic imaging in Pewaukee, WI, our veterinarians can get a better look at any possible issues your cat or dog may be having. To schedule a visit with our animal hospital team schedule an appointment or give us a call at (262) 347-0787.

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