preventive medicine and wellness checks for animals at the vet

Preventive Medicine & Wellness Keeps Your Pet a Step Ahead of Problems

Nothing is more important than keeping our patients healthy. Preventive medicine focuses on avoiding disease and trying to find subtle changes that will help us catch issues before they become major life-threatening problems. During our Well Pet Exams, we carefully examine every body system for any abnormalities. We also offer a thorough lab evaluation that helps identify any hidden issues that may not be apparent during the exam. Other screening tests for infectious diseases (heartworm, Lyme and other tick-borne diseases, intestinal parasites) are performed annually, and specialty tests, like blood pressure and glaucoma screening, are available depending on your pet’s individual risks.

Other opportunities to prevent problems are frequent dental exams and cleanings. These prophylaxis will help prevent the spread of oral bacterial infections that are linked to heart, liver, and kidney disease.

In addition, individualized programs for vaccination, diet and behavior counseling, and screening for obesity and arthritis promote longevity, health and wellness for all of our patients at PVS.