Dog Day Care

dog day care at Pewaukee Veterinary Service

Dog Day Care at PVS: Perfect Play Dates for Furry Friends

Doggy day care is a special place for dogs who enjoy spending time with other dogs. Just like people, many thrive when given the opportunity to play, socialize, exercise, and stimulate their minds in a fun, safe environment. “Play dates” at Pewaukee Veterinary Service include fetching balls, playing with toys, running, tumbling, and interacting with our staff and other dogs—all under the supervision of our trained doggy day care managers. We offer specific play groups for both small and big dogs, and send every pup home happy and tired.

Important Safety Rules for Dog Day Care

The well-being and safety of your dog is our first priority, so we carefully screen all participants to ensure that each is healthy, current on vaccinations, well-mannered, and comfortable with other animals in an off-leash environment. Dog day care is not for every dog—those with socialization, anxiety, or aggression issues, or who require special attention during the day, will be referred to our day boarding program for care that better suits their needs and personality.

While You’re Away, Your Dog Will Play!

Dog day care is offered Monday through Friday, 8 am to 6 pm, making it a great option for working pet parents who worry about a dog or puppy spending too much time alone. Single sessions are available, or a pre-paid pass may be purchased at a discount for dogs who go to day care on a regular basis. Early drop-off in our boarding area is also available, beginning at 7 am, for an additional fee.

Book Playtime for Your Pet in Pewaukee

Start planning a play date for your pup by scheduling a meeting with our doggy day care manager. We’ll begin with an assessment to make sure your pet will benefit from this service and have a positive experience in our play group, then we’ll review rules and program details. Once we have your pet’s completed medical and guest information forms on file, he or she is ready for fun—and you’re ready to relax, knowing your dog is in good hands and enjoying quality time with two- and four-legged friends.

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