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Pet Dental Care and Professional Teeth Cleaning for Dogs Are Keys to a Healthy Life

We encourage all owners to brush their pet’s teeth, but know many do not—usually because their dog or cat hasn’t been trained to let them. It may be a challenge to get an animal to hold still while you brush its teeth, but it’s worth the effort—clean teeth not only make snuggling with your furry friend more pleasant, but can also help prevent a number of health problems later in life.

Bad Breath Is a Sign of Bigger Health Problems

Bad breath, halitosis, or simply “dog breath,” is not normal. In fact, it’s often the first sign of dental problems in animals. Periodontal disease is the most common and easily overlooked health issue for dogs and cats, affecting more than 85 percent of pets over the age of three.

When left untreated, periodontal disease can cause larger systemic issues, especially if oral bacteria enters the bloodstream and damages the kidneys, heart, and liver. Additionally, bacteria and food debris can accumulate around a pet’s teeth and lead to gum disease, decay, significant pain, and tooth loss that make it difficult for your pet to eat the food he or she needs to stay healthy.

Signs That Your Pet May Need Dental Care

At Pewaukee Veterinary Service, every patient is routinely examined for oral health issues, but watch for these symptoms between annual visits:
• Bad breath and visible tartar
• Drooling or excessive salivation
• Dropping food from the mouth
• Sensitivity when touched on the muzzle
• Pawing at the teeth or mouth
• Discoloration, loosening, or loss of teeth
• Red, swollen, or bleeding gums
• Discharge from the nose
• Swelling under the eye
• Difficulty eating, weight loss, or lethargy

Recommendations can be made for a number of corrective procedures and our staff is here to provide additional training and support for ongoing oral hygiene at home.

Complete Dental Care for Your Pet

Following a complete oral exam—and x-rays if needed—your veterinarian and technical staff will provide a treatment plan specifically tailored to your pet. In addition to cleaning, we specialize in oral surgery, treatment of fractured teeth, root canals, tooth scaling, polishing, and more.

Most dental procedures are performed under general anesthesia. This not only protects your pet from stress and injury, but also allows them to have a pain-free experience. We use the safest available anesthetics, plus pre-emptive pain and sedation medications to ensure your pet is relaxed before, during, and after the procedure.

Treatment plans also include pre-anesthesia blood testing and laboratory work to establish your dog or cat has no hidden health concerns. Then your pet’s medical team, which includes a certified veterinary technician specializing in dentistry, will provide the necessary treatment and carefully monitor your pet every step of the way.

Like all services at PVS, dental care is customized to be safe and effective for your pet. We welcome any questions you may have about preventive care, surgery, acupuncture, or even grooming—we want you and your pet to feel comfortable coming to us, and even better when you leave.