Fun Indoor Toys for Your Dog in Pewaukee, WI

 indoor dog toys pewaukee, wi

Whether it is too hot outside or too cold, it is important to have some great indoor toys for your dog. Depending on your setup, you may or may not have room for balls and frisbees for indoor play. However, these nine great toys are perfect for an energetic and playful time indoors.

Find out which indoor toys are best by reading our Pewaukee, WI, animal hospital‘s blog post.

Dog Treat Launcher

If you have a large space or a long hall, a dog treat launcher is a must. This awesome toy can be used indoors and outdoors. Not only does your dog get a tasty treat, but you can also teach them how to catch.

Dogs who love to chase things will be overjoyed that treats are what they are chasing. You can use this treat launcher as a game that works on coordination, timing, and catching skills.

Alternatively, you can use the treat launcher for training. When your dog deserves a treat, bring out the launcher and launch away.

Everlasting Treat

The Everlasting Treat is a ball and treat dispenser. While the treats inside are not truly everlasting, the ball can be. This is a great toy to give your dog if you’ll be out of the house for a few hours.

Like catnip for cats, the scent of the treats will keep your dog actively engaged in this toy. In addition, as your dog chews this toy, they will be cleaning their teeth. The Everlasting Treat Ball can be filled with Everlasting treats, kibble, or any other treats.

The act of trying to get the treats out not only engages your dog’s mind, but also stimulates the parts of the brain that enjoy hunting and seeking.

Flip Board

Dog activity flip boards are very similar to toys given to toddlers. The goal of the flip board is to engage your dog’s mind and stimulate the brain. Dog flip boards have a number of different “fidgets” to entertain your dog.

These types of toys are perfect for young dogs who love to play and chew. They are also great for older dogs who may not have as much energy but enjoy a good game.


The iDig is the perfect toy for dogs who like to dig. This sturdy toy allows your dog to dig to their heart’s content without destroying your gardens or your carpets.

When they play with the iDig, dogs can stimulate their natural instinct to dig and forage.

Beyond the iDig there are other options. While not all are as sturdy and long lasting, they are nevertheless fun for your dog. Some dig mats give dogs the chance to dig for treats.

Interactive Dog Puzzle Toy

There are many different kinds of interactive dog puzzle toys. These great puzzles are something you can use while playing with your dog indoors. They are also something your dog can enjoy on their own.

Some of these toys can be used to hide treats. Others are simply fun for dogs to chew, paw, and play with. Interactive dog puzzles stimulate dog’s brains and keep them engaged and entertained.

Top Rated Interactive Dog Puzzle Toys

dog with kongKong

Kong brand toys are oldies but goodies. These tough and durable toys are perfect for dogs that love to chew. Most Kong toys are also treat dispensers. Alternatively, you can put kibble in the toy.

The Kong brand has many different toys. They have ones for big dogs, medium dogs, and little dogs. These in expensive toys are well worth it. Even the most aggressive chewers have trouble destroying the classic treat dispensing Kong toys.

Nylabone DuraChew

The Nylabone DuraChew is the perfect toy for a dog that loves to chew on things. For some variety you can pair this treat with a treat dispensing Kong.

The durable materials used to make this toy make it hard to destroy. There are many different sizes and a variety of shapes. The textured Bone also stimulates your dog through the different available textures for chewing.

Treat Ring

Treat rings are another popular treat dispensing toy. These ring-shaped toys provide entertainment and stimulation. Your dog will enjoy playing with this toy and trying to remove the treats from it.

If a ring shape is not your dog’s favorite there are many other treat dispensing toys available. The Kong brand (mentioned above) makes many popular styles. Some other options include:

Let Our Pewaukee, WI, Animal Hospital Know If You Need More Indoor Toy Suggestions for Your Dog

Toys that stimulate your dog’s natural instincts are ideal for indoor play. By providing your dog a chew toy, an interactive toy, or a dig mat, you are providing your dog with something to distract themselves while you are gone.

Whether your dog is treat-oriented or not, they will enjoy playing with any of these toys. They will enjoy playing by themselves, with you, or with other pets.

If you need more suggestions as to which indoor dog toys are best, let our Pewaukee, WI, animal hospital know by giving us a call at (262) 347-0787.

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