5 Best Dog Parks Near Pewaukee, WI

We’re lucky to be situated in a place as naturally beautiful as the village of Pewaukee, with its many parks and proximity to multiple small, scenic lakes. There is much for humans to enjoy here, but what about our dogs? Below, we’ll share 5 of the best-rated dog parks in and around the region. We hope this list gives you and your pup the chance to discover a new favorite place to hang out, bond, and socialize with other pets and people in your community!

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Minooka Dog Park

Minooka Dog Park offers 19 acres of off-leash real estate for your canine family member to enjoy. There are separate, fenced-in areas for small dogs and large dogs to ensure safe playtime for every pup. This is one of the most highly-rated dog parks in the area, giving its canine guests lots of space to exercise, socialize, and just have a good time. If you decide to visit this park, be sure to bring water and a stainless steel bowl for your pet. Want to explore outside the dog park? Leash up your pet and check out the walking trails. Also, please note that areas of the park can get a little muddy in wet weather. Prepare accordingly!

Mukwonago Dog Exercise Park

Mukwonago Dog Exercise Park is a 34-acre park allowing off-leash activity for dogs. Along with having three separate and securely fenced areas for small and large-breed dogs, the park also has watering stations to keep your pup hydrated and a special zone for dogs that are older, more shy, disabled, or just lower in energy. This means there’s a little something for every pup. Pet owners who have been to the park appreciate its cleanliness and accessibility for dogs of all sizes and personalities.

The Hounds & Tap

The Hounds & Tap is a membership-based dog park with a 2,500-square foot, off-leash indoor park and a 5,000-square foot outdoor park. You can purchase a daily or monthly membership to visit this park, which also gives dog owners something to enjoy. When you bring your pup here, you can sit and relax with other dog owners to have a cocktail, watch sports, or simply watch your companion have a great time. The Hounds & Tap has separate play areas for small and large dogs, with K9Grass ensuring comfort and cleanliness and play equipment for more adventurous pups. In summertime, the park has small wading pools for dogs to enjoy. 

Other services provided at The Hounds & Tap include self-serve wash and dry, grooming, dog boarding, and dog daycare.

Currie Dog Park

A little bit farther to the east of Pewaukee, you’ll find Currie Dog Park, a fee-based park offering lots of grassy space for your canine family member to run around in. You can purchase a daily pass or get an annual membership. Enclosed spaces for small and large dogs allow for safe, comfortable play for your pup, and there are benches for resting while you supervise your pet. The park also has waste stations throughout to help keep things clean. Bring water to keep your pup hydrated, as there are no fountains at this park. 

Nashotah Park

Nashotah Park has 18 acres of flat land for pups to explore, including fenced-in areas for small dogs and large dogs. For humans, there are benches and picnic tables available, so you can sit and relax and let your pup enjoy themselves (with constant supervision!). There are also dog watering stations throughout the park, and waste stations. Be sure to clean up after your pet so other dogs and pet owners can enjoy the space! 

Get More Recommendations for Your Dog

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