9 Reasons Why Your Dog Has Pale Gums in Pewaukee, WI

dog pale gums, pewaukee, wi

Dogs are great companions and pets. They are loving animals that require a lot of attention and physical activity. There are many things that pet owners may not notice when it comes to changes in their dog. One of the most commonly missed things is the color of your dog’s gums. Your dog’s gums should be a vivid pink; if they are pale, it could be a sign of an underlying health condition.

To prevent and treat these conditions quickly, you need first to understand them. Continue reading our Pewaukee, WI, animal hospital’s blog to learn more.

Reasons Why Your Dog Has Pale Gums

1.    Anemia

Did you know that one of the reasons a dog’s gums are a reddish pink is because of blood flow? If your dog is not receiving enough blood throughout its body, it could lower the color of its gums to pale pink.

This may be because of anemia. Dogs with anemia experience a low red blood cell count. Usually, it is because of an entirely different condition. However, pale gums are not the only symptom. If your dog is also weak, exhausted, and frail, it could be because they have anemia as a result of an underlying condition.

2.    Parasites in Your Dog

Some dogs can carry parasites throughout their body, which causes nutrients and vitamin deficiency. Since many parasites feed off of a dog’s blood, it could result in a pale pink color on your dog’s gums.

Rarely do parasites go away on their own. Instead, it is more common for vets to prescribe oral medication to get rid of the parasites. You may notice worms or small bugs wiggling in your dog’s feces or urine, which are small parasites.

3.    Heart Disease

Although rare and only common in older dogs, if you have a pet with underlying heart disease or a condition, it may result in a pale pink color around their gums. This is because when dogs have heart conditions, less blood and oxygen flow throughout their body.

This is serious and requires medical attention. Some heart diseases are preventable and treatable. However, they can lead to heart attacks and strokes, which are fatal.

4.    Severe Blood Loss

There are many things that can cause severe blood loss in a dog. Since blood flow is the main reason that a dog’s gums are a healthy reddish-pink, if they lose too many red blood cells, the color will decrease in intensity.

Most of the time, severe blood loss is because of trauma that causes an open wound. If your dog has an open wound, you may notice it immediately. You should go to the urgent care or an emergency vet to provide care. If not, it can be fatal.

5.    Consuming Rat Poison

If your dog accidentally consumes rat poison, pale gums is a sign of it. However, pale gums are something that your dog should not worry about. Instead, if they do consume this poison, they may have a seizure and suffer from internal bleeding.

We recommend bringing your dog immediately to a vet to treat them of their conditions as it can cause severe issues, sometimes leading to death.

6.    Heavy Metal Toxicity

Dogs are not picky eaters. It is not uncommon for puppies to eat whatever they find on the floor as a curiosity. However adorable and silly as this behavior is, it can also be fatal. Since many metals have toxins that reduce oxygen and blood flow, your dog may suffer from Heavy Metal Toxicity.

This is especially common in dogs that accidentally consume nails and coins. Not only will you notice that your dog’s gums are pale, but that they are also suffering from lethargy, vomiting, and anemia.

7.    Cancer

Pale gums could be a sign that your dog has a form of cancer that reduces red blood cells or oxygen. The most common type of cancer that has pale gums as a symptom is bone marrow cancer.

This is usually an early sign. However, it goes unnoticed. To treat your dog and catch this condition quickly, check your dog’s gums at least once a month and ask your vet any questions necessary.

8.    Fight or Flight Responses

Did you know that stress and anxiety can also cause your dog’s gums to reduce in color and become pale pink? When your dog is stressed and in a situation that is new, it is not uncommon for them to go into a ‘fight or flight response. Once this occurs, your dog’s body may become rigid, and if they are tense enough, their gums will be pale pink.

9.    Kidney Disease

Pale gums can also be a sign that your dog’s kidneys are beginning to shut down. When this disease occurs, your dog is not getting enough oxygen, which is extremely dangerous. Not only is it dangerous, but it leads to symptoms and signs like pale pink gums.

Our Pewaukee, WI, Veterinarians Can Check for Pale Gums on Your Dog

Overall, dogs are healthy pets that provide comfort, love, and trust. They are adorable additions to any family but also require a lot of care and treatment. You should conduct monthly gum and teeth checks, as your dog’s gums can surprisingly say a lot about their health.

We will also be sure to examine your dog’s gums during their regular exams, and if you feel your dog could be suffering from any issues we mentioned above, please reach out to our Pewaukee, WI, animal hospital by calling (262) 347-0787.

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