Why Is My Dog Limping?

It can be terrifying watching your dog limp when they need help. No one wants to watch their furry friend suffer because they have an injury and now walk with a limp. You should always check on your dog if they are limping.

Most times, the limping is nothing bad, but if your dog continues to walk with a limp or stops working altogether, it is likely their limp is a bigger problem. Before trying to guess the reason your dog is limping, it is best to get them to our Pewaukee, WI, veterinarians as soon as possible.

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Common Reasons a Dog Limps

So, why is your dog limping? First, look around the area. Are there any clues that can point to the reason? What about your dog’s age? As dog’s age, just like humans, their bodies, bones, and joints begin to wear down. This is normal, but can be painful. It is good to try your best to ease pain and swelling.

However, while your dog can develop arthritis from age, it is more likely that your dog has a small injury. Small dogs, like chihuahuas and dachshunds, have fragile backs. When they jump from high enough surfaces, they can fall and hurt their legs and back.

Sprains, broken bones, and joint dislocations lead to bruising and a lot of pain. If you suspect that your dog has taken a tumble, get them to an urgent care vet as soon as possible! Since the pain and break is internal, there is no way to know how bad it is just by looking at your dog from the outside.

How to Ease Dog Leg Pain

If you know your dog is in pain and feeling anxiety about the situation, you can relax them with a few free and easy techniques.

You can use a cold or warm compress on any swollen areas. The warm and cold will decrease the inflammation. Make sure you do not accidentally place a hot or icy cold pack directly on your dog’s skin or coat as this can cause burns and rashes.

Another way to ease dog leg pain is to purchase dog creams and over-the-counter medications. They are a lot cheaper than going to a vet, but it is good to speak directly with a professional before trying any new medications.

For anxiety relief and nerves, dogs like to feel comforted. You can easily help your dog feel at ease by giving them space to relax and feel their pain. Not only does this calm down their racing hearts, but it is a good safe space for them.

When to Take Your Dog to the Vet

So, how do you know when it is bad enough that you have to take your dog to the veterinarian? First, look at how your dog is expressing their pain. Dogs are vocal, but they speak mainly through small noises, barks, and their unique body language.

If the swelling does not go down with intervention and over-the-counter medication, you should immediately take your dog to the vet. Don’t wait to make an appointment. There are emergency vet centers that can assess the condition of your dog’s poor leg.

If suddenly your puppy refuses to walk or eat, it could be that they are experiencing extreme pain. This could even be a sign of infection.

How to Prevent Dog Limps

It is not fully possible to prevent a dog limp because there are so many causes, but practicing caution can help. If your dog likes to jump up and down from furniture, investing in a small staircase or ramp can help them not strain their legs or their back as they climb.

Training your puppy is also healthy as they are young. Train them not to jump from high areas. If you need to, you can use doggy gates to restrict them from going into rooms with high and dangerous furniture.

As dogs age, though, their chances of developing conditions like arthritis increase immensely. Focus on strengthening your dog’s joints by exercising them frequently with walks and puppy play dates.

Reach Out to Our Pewaukee, WI, Animal Hospital Immediately If Your Dog is Limping and is in Pain

Overall, a dog limping could be a temporary reaction to falling or feeling pain, but you should still take care of it like a responsible dog owner. A small limp can turn into an even worse condition if you are not too careful.

Come visit our Pewaukee, WI, animal hospital immediately if your dog is experiencing pain. You can also give us a call at (262) 347-0787.

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