3 Reasons Why Your Cats Are Fighting

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Cats are adorable pets, but sometimes they can be a handful and even fight other cats. If you have more than one cat then you know how it is to own multiple cats and see them frequently fighting or playing. Not all cats are used to being around other pets and will fight back or protest.

Listed below are our Pewaukee, WI, animal hospital‘s three reasons why your cats are likely fighting and how to prevent them from continuing to fight.

Why Do Cats Fight?

Cats have many reasons they fight. Usually, they are either trying to protect something, as they are territorial, or they are stressed. It is good to get to the bottom of why your cats are fighting before trying to prevent them to or break up the fight.


One of the main reasons why cats like to fight is because they are territorial. This is likely the reason if you have just brought in a new pet and your cat is not used to being around other animals. While it is tempting to adopt other cats and bring in a new cat, it is good to take your time introducing them to each other. When a cat sees another animal using their same litter box, toys, or food bowls, they will fight to protect what is theirs.

Protecting Their Litter

Mother cats are also territorial and will protect their litter. Sometimes mother cats will even defend their kittens against the father or owners. Cats will fight other cats, animals, and humans to protect their children. This is a natural instinct and part of how they survived long before they were domesticated into pets.


Fear and stress are major reasons that many cats will fight. If your cat suddenly feels stressed out by a situation, they are not going to use their words to get their point across. It is a lot easier to lash out, scratch, and ponce on who is causing the fear or stress. This is also why some cats will urinate and defecate outside of their litter box.

How to Prevent Cats from Fighting

It is not easy controlling a pet. Cats have personalities of their own and will follow their natural instincts long before they listen to their owners. If you want to prevent your cats from fighting, it is good to get them acquainted with other animals before introducing them. However, if your cats have suddenly started fighting when they did not before, it could be that something is stressing them out.

Bring your cats to our Pewaukee, WI, veterinarians to see if one is pregnant or suffering from a health condition. Sometimes pain can cause stress and fear, which will push your cat to lash out and react physically.

How to Break a Cat Fight

Possibly the hardest part about having two cats fighting is that you have to break apart the fight before it gets worse. However, breaking up a cat fight can lead to injuries from you or your animals. You need to do so as carefully and as calmly as possible. As tempting as it is, do not put your hands on your cat and lift them away from each other, as you can get scratched or they can scratch each other.

The best way to break up a cat fight is to get one cat’s attention away from the cause. If you have catnip, cat treats, or toys, try to distract your cats from each other. Sometimes loud noises will also direct them away from each other. Clap your hands as loudly as possible and shout. The loud noises will scare them and they will run.

If you want your cats to separate as quickly as possible you can use the spray bottle technique, by locating your spray bottle of water and spray both cats to disturb them from the fight. They will likely run away because they do not want to be frequently sprayed. This is only a temporary solution, though.

Need More Advice on Why Your Cats May Be Fighting? Give Our Pewaukee, WI, Animal Hospital a Call

Overall, cats have a mind of their own and while they sometimes listen to their owners they will fight since it is part of their instincts. Before you can stop your cat’s fight, you will need to understand exactly why they are fighting. If you have an adult cat, slowly introduce your new kitten into their lifestyle. Unless they have been socialized at a young age it is unlikely that the cat will be used to the kitten in a short amount of time.

If you have more questions as to why your cats may be fighting, or if it is time for their regular exam, reach out to our Pewaukee, WI, animal hospital by giving us a call at (262) 347-0787.

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