Surgery & Rehabilitation

pet patient in surgery with professional veterinarian surgeons

Pet Surgery and Rehabilitation—Advanced Veterinary Care for Serious Concerns

Whether your dog or cat needs a routine procedure or is facing a serious health problem, he or she counts on you to make good decisions. That’s why so many pet parents in Waukesha County choose Pewaukee Veterinary Service (PVS). We offer advanced diagnostic imaging—including digital radiographs and ultrasounds—as well as state-of-the-art surgery. We are also Southeast Wisconsin’s leading rehabilitation center for dogs and cats, offering a wide array of both traditional and holistic therapies to help pets feel better faster.

Our surgical services include:
• Spay and neuter procedures
• Soft tissue and orthopedic surgery
• Laparoscopy, endoscopy, and arthroscopy

Minimally Invasive Surgery Means Faster Recovery for Dogs and Cats

The doctors at PVS have been performing laparoscopy and endoscopy surgeries for over 30 years. Each utilizes a series of small tubes (scopes) equipped with a camera, light, or other instrument that enters the body through an existing opening, like the mouth, or tiny incisions. This allows our doctors to perform procedures with a high degree of accuracy and a lower risk of bleeding, swelling, infection, and related complications.

Arthroscopy has been added in recent years to aid in quick recovery for patients undergoing orthopedic procedures.

Getting Pets Back on Their Paws With Animal Rehabilitation

Whether your pet is dealing with an orthopedic injury, neurological problem, recovering from surgery, suffering from chronic illness, or in need of pain management, the Rehabilitation Center at PVS is designed to meet the unique needs of every animal.

Each patient receives a comprehensive evaluation by our team of experts. Results and treatment options are carefully explained to pet parents, then we develop a custom care plan to restore the highest possible function, comfort, and quality of life.

Our rehabilitation services include:
• Physical therapy, hydrotherapy, and therapeutic exercise
• Acupuncture and massage therapy
• Spinal manipulation
• Laser, electrical stimulation, micro-current, and acoustic wave (shockwave) therapies
• Nutritional and herbal therapy
• Assistive devices (braces, slings, K-9 carts, and more)

Helpful Canine Cruciate Videos

A Level of Care Most Animal Clinics Can’t Match

When bad things happen to good pets, our team offers help and hope. We are uniquely qualified and equipped to handle even the most serious health issues, close to home. For advanced surgical and rehabilitation services, as well as routine and preventive care, expect the best at PVS.