Service in Waukesha, WI

Waukesha Pet Owners Choose Pewaukee Veterinary Services

Pets are family and at Pewaukee Veterinary Services in Pewaukee, we understand that. That’s why we work hard to ensure your pet is happy, healthy, and safe. From surgery and laboratory work to grooming and boarding, our facility does it all. Each member of our team of veterinarians and staff members is skilled, knowledgeable and available to address any questions or concerns you have about your pet’s health. We have been caring for animals throughout the Greater Milwaukee area for over 30 years—our trustworthy pet care has earned us multiple Top Choice awards for veterinary care in the area. Need to schedule an appointment? Want to bring your pet in for a routine check-up and vaccinations? Call 262-347-0787 and bring them in for an appointment at our Pewaukee location today.

Pets from Waukesha Come to PVS for Surgery (Spay, Neuter, and Laparoscopic) and Rehabilitation

At PVS, we take exceptional care of your Waukesha pets when surgery is needed. Procedures include routine spaying and neutering, laparoscopic surgeries, orthopedics and more. Our highly trained doctors perform surgeries in our fully equipped, high-tech surgery suites. The environment is completely sterile in order to minimize risk and keep your pet safe. After surgery, rehabilitation and pain management services for pets is a high priority. Our modern facilities in the Greater Milwaukee area offer everything from diagnostic imaging to braces and slings, laser therapy to ultrasounds, even land and underwater treadmills so we can take care of your pets and improve their quality of life.

Bring Your Pets to PVS for Boarding and Doggy Day Care

Do you need a place for your dogs to stay while you’re away? Bring them to PVS for daily dog day care or an extended period of time using our boarding services. Our friendly and caring staff is here to fully care for your pets with playtime, on-schedule feeding and more! If your pet needs special attention to his or her health, we can perform a veterinary exam while they’re here. We want to ensure your pet is comfortable and happy while you’re away—we’ll even send you text updates or leave you voicemails to keep you updated. Ask us for a personal guided tour of our facilities—we want you to know you can trust PVS to care for your furry family members. If your puppy is ready for dog training, check out our page for more information.

Waukesha Residents Have Their Pets Vaccinated at PVS

At PVS in Waukesha County, we offer a full range of vaccinations and preventive wellness services including internal medicine to keep your pets protected from harmful diseases. Available vaccines include rabies, distemper, parvovirus, parainfluenza, Bordetella and more. Standard vaccinations and lab testing can make all the difference in your pet’s health and quality of life. Our top-notch laboratory services test urine, blood and more in-house and provide results within minutes to diagnose and prevent diseases. Wellness services include lab evaluations, disease screening, dental cleanings, diet and behavior counseling and screening for obesity and arthritis. We even offer senior/geriatric healthcare for senior pets.

Pets in Waukesha Receive Quality Dental and Grooming Care from Pewaukee Veterinary Services

Bring your pets in for regular cleanings to keep them healthy while preventing diseases that can be caused by decayed teeth. Our certified veterinary technicians specialize in dentistry and can provide the care and attention needed to maintain your pet’s dental health—untreated dental problems can lead to oral bacteria entering the bloodstream causing internal health issues. Aside from routine dental exams, a few signs your pet may need dental attention include: bad breath, dropping food from his or her mouth, visible tartar, bleeding gums, loose or missing teeth, weight loss and more. While your pet is here, you can even treat him or her to a spa day of grooming including a relaxing bath, haircut, and a nail trim in our posh pet salon. Not only will he/she look great, but he/she smell even better! Plus, we can meet his/her specific needs with care—from matting and dry skin, to eye and ear attention and more.

Pewaukee Veterinary Services Offers Specialty Services

Additional specialty services we offer include:

Urgent Care

At PVS, we offer urgent care for those emergencies that occur when most vet clinics are closed. Please bring them in immediately or check our pet emergencies list for other available locations to get your pet urgent attention.


Our fully equipped, in-house laboratory allows us to provide almost instant analyses for many disease syndromes. We effectively test blood, urine and stool samples essential for diagnosing and preventing disease.


We perform well pet exams to carefully examine your pet for abnormalities and to catch health issues before they become major ones. From screening tests to lab testing, preventive care can make the difference in a healthy pet.


Whether your pet is in need of pain management or recovering from surgery, PVS offers a one-of-a-kind rehabilitation program with both traditional and holistic therapies including acupuncture, massage, land treadmill and more.

Surgery/Pain Management

Pain management after a surgical procedure is a high priority for pet owners. Our highly trained doctors provide minimal risk surgeries in a high-tech surgery suite to minimize risk and ensure your pet’s safety.