Remembering Boomer

Boomer-Blog-Mascot-Pic-from-bwIt is with a heavy heart we inform our readers of the sad event that recently occurred—we had to wish a loving and fond ‘Goodbye’ to our beloved blogging author, Boomer. He has crossed the Rainbow Bridge and leaves behind a legacy fondly remembered by all those whose lives he’s touched—whether they wanted him to touch them or not ☺

For 13 years he was a constant companion and partner-in-crime with his pet parent who is one of our medical coordinators at the practice. A common sight amongst staff was Boomer’s head out the window of his mom’s SUV, fur blowing in the wind with his eyes closed taking it all in….the consummate back seat driver telling her where to go and when while barking along the way. You’d never know this handsome gentleman was a senior dog—after visiting our groomers he looked like a youngster sporting his new do and strutting his newly coiffed look for all to adore.

Boomer was a fighter—until recently losing his battle with squamous cell carcinoma, you’d never know he was ill. He was quite the character… always happy to stop by and greet the staff throughout the building on his many comings and goings, making sure to leave a few furballs for us along the way as a keepsake. With the exception of his intense love/hate relationship with his veterinarian, Dr. Tom, his gruff bark got your attention but was usually followed by his all too familiar, ‘come pet me now’ look in his eyes. He thoroughly enjoyed many a passerby stopping to run their fingers through his fluffy fur to say hello.

Boomer came to his forever home with his mom as a former rescue, abandoned outside the local humane society’s front door when he was just a few days old. At the behest of the humane society’s staff, he attended puppy training classes but felt much better doing things his own way in the long run—even at an early age he marched to the beat of his own drum. To say he was a loner isn’t true—he preferred his own company for sure with the exception of a very few select people that he allowed into his inner circle.

Boomer was a thrill seeker, always visiting new places and experiencing new adventures. His favorite pastime of all was hiking with his mom in the early mornings along Lake Superior, which he would do often when they visited the ‘old homestead’ where mom grew up.

To say he will be missed is an understatement. For the short 13 years he was with us, he left big paws behind. Boomer will always be fondly remembered as the rough and tough ‘Beans’—carving out his own path and doing it ‘his way.’ He was the ever distinguished gentleman who looked like a pup but to look in his eyes was to see a dog who was wise beyond his years.

There will never be another Boomer. Nor should there be. We miss you Booms.