Preventive Wellness

preventive medicine and wellness checks for animals at the vet

Every Dog and Cat Deserves Preventive Care

Regular checkups are so important for dogs and cats, because pets can’t complain. While we love their brave nature, we don’t want them to suffer silently or allow an illness to escalate. By being proactive, you can keep your furry friends healthy and active for longer, and with fewer difficult and expensive urgent care visits.

Prevention and wellness are at the heart of what we do. While we can treat virtually any illness, we’d rather help animals avoid complications in the first place. That’s why we advocate for preventive steps like vaccinations, HW medications, flea and tick preventatives, regular exercise, and healthy diets.

Then, during an annual exam, we’ll check your pet from head to toe, including an evaluation of every major system, a check of vital statistics like temperature and blood pressure, and examination of eyes, ears, mouth, skin, joint motion, and more.

When necessary, we offer a full range of lab tests and diagnostic imaging to help identify hidden issues, plus screening tests based on your pet’s individual symptoms or risks. If you do need to take care to the next level, trust us for expert pet dentistry, surgery, rehab, pain management, and more.

You are also an important part of the checkup, because no one knows your pets like you do. We want to hear about their daily routines and changes in behavior, environment, or activity—all of which can be helpful for understanding and improving their health.

One Exam a Year Isn’t Much in Dog Years or to Protect Their Nine Lives

When you consider that our pets age five to seven times faster than we do, it’s easy to see how skipping one annual exam would be like a person not seeing a doctor for 10 or 14 years—a lot can happen in that time, and the longer problems go undiagnosed, the more challenging treatment can be. Don’t make your pet wait for help when an annual exam can help them put their best paws forward—contact us today to schedule a visit.