November, 2014: Stevie


Stevie will be celebrating his 14th birthday on December 1st! He sees Dr. Greta and Dr. Morgan and has been a faithful client of Pewaukee Veterinary Service (PVS) since our family moved to Pewaukee in 2002. As a beloved member of our family since he was just 6 weeks old, weighing 1 ½ lbs., he was our first puppy and is now our first senior dog – essentially, we’ve all aged together. Stevie has taught us A LOT about dogs, canine behavior, the importance of training and socialization, and building a solid relationship based on trust, mutual respect, and love. Stevie is the reason why I (Kara) decided to start working as a dog trainer with Best Paw Forward, and kicked off my obsession and love of dogs years ago. Stevie has been my greatest teacher on so many levels. While Stevie is a mere 10 pounds, his personality is absolutely huge. He has touched many lives throughout his life, and has even transformed non-dog people into dog lovers. When he visits PVS for his weekly laser treatments for the arthritis in his back, he happily runs to the front door to get inside and greets everyone he sees with a big smile and wiggly body and tail. He knows he’s is treated like a king with lots of freeze dried liver treats when he comes to PVS!

Besides his big personality–he has been with me through thick and thin – the one constant companion in my life, the little heartbeat at my feet, always making me smile, and giving and gladly receiving unconditional love. Stevie was the ring bearer at our wedding (along with his late sister, Lexi). He is always up for a quiet night at home or raring to go on a fun-filled family vacation to exciting new places like Door County. While Stevie started out as an only dog, he has graciously accepted 3 other dogs into our family: 1) Lexi his angel sister/lab mix (RIP), 2) Roxy, our 4 y/o mixed breed, and 3) Azula, our 3 y/o Native American Indian Dog.