May, 2014: Trixie


  • Trixie came from a micro-mini pig breeder in Texas.
  • I have always wanted a pig and said that if they made pigs that could stay small forever, they’d be an awesome pet.
  • Trixie’s favorite vet/people are those who will give her a treat of any kind.
  • She’s a sweet, loving animal who loves to snuggle.
  • Her favorite snacks are carrots, cheesy popcorn, and fruits (in moderation).
  • Her favorite activities include napping, snuggling, listening to music/TV, and playing with things she knows she isn’t supposed to!
  • Trixie hates baths, the cold, and having her ears cleaned.
  • She grunts and grinds her teeth constantly; however through different tones of grunts her thoughts and feelings about something are usually fairly easy to comprehend
    I would say the best thing about her is that she can always tell when you are sad, sick, or had a bad day. In those situations, like most people view a dog’s personality, she acts as a comforter and can always help make you feel better.

Our Story:
I got Trixie during the summer of 2012. Never would I have imagined that a 4 pound piglet could cause so much racket and be so much work! I immediately questioned whether she would be a manageable pet for me, but after a few treats and snuggling on the kitchen floor, we became the best of friends. Trixie enjoys eating anything, and I mean anything, along with napping in the sun and playing in the cupboards. It is not uncommon to come into the kitchen to see all of my pots and pans on the floor. She also enjoys taking DVDs off of shelves and carrying them around the house. During the warmer months I try to get her outside as much as possible, she especially enjoys trips north to my parents farm in which she can spend the entire day lounging and rooting around outside. She hates baths, and one of my favorite memories with her was the time my mother and sister thought it would be fun to give her a bath…again, who would have thought such a small and adorable animal could make such a mess. It seems like only yesterday I picked Trixie up from the airport and brought her home…2 years and dozens of memories later, I look forward to the many years ahead with her. It is always a joy to come home and see her face after a long hard day, and regardless of the mood you are in, it is nearly impossible to not smile when you see her.