March, 2014: Miller

Hi, my name is Miller. I’m sixteen years and ten months old, an old girl with a long story. My brother Brewie and I had a happy home with our first family, but then dad died and mom became sick and had to go to a nursing home.

Enter Jan the groomer into my life, she finds home for Min Pins (Miniature Pinschers) and Dobermans. One of her customers had a Sheltie named Harley. When Harley died she placed JJ (a.k.a. Jumping Jack) with them, and JJ was happy living in Sussex (otherwise known as Heaven to him). A year later Jan knew if she called them, they would not say no to a pair of bonded siblings looking for a home. She was right, now our new family had three happy Min Pins. Our new family still had room for one more dog, a Poodle-Pomeranian named Princess.

I came to Sussex in 2004, and when I was young we would go for walks and play with toys, and go to the park for lots of fun. Now that I am a senior citizen I can’t do that anymore. Now most of my day is spent in my basket, taking naps. Brewie, JJ and Princess have died, I miss them, now I get all the hugs and kisses. I’m so grateful to Dr. Randy, Dr. Jeff and the entire staff that takes such good care of me. Every day I come to the clinic to get hydrated, because my kidneys no longer function well enough on their own. My family reminisces about all of their dogs that are now gone, and I know that I too, will be forever remembered by them.