Veterinarians looking at results and samples in lab

Our In-House Laboratory Helps Identify Your Pet’s Special Needs

Laboratory evaluation of blood and urine samples identifies and screens for certain diseases, determines a patient’s anesthetic risk, and evaluates a patient’s response to chronic medications. Labwork is essential for diagnosing and preventing disease.

Our fully equipped in-house laboratory allows us to provide almost instant analysis for many disease syndromes. Complete blood counts, chemistry panels, electrolytes, thyroid screening, complete urinalysis, pancreatic screening, and infectious disease screening can all be performed during the course of your pet’s exam. Unlike most hospitals, the PVS laboratory also includes bacterial culture capabilities and antibiotic sensitivity screening. This allows us to more quickly identify and aggressively treat infectious disease in our patients.

If your pet needs more involved testing, we have twice daily submissions to an efficient, reliable national laboratory. Quick turnaround times with this lab give us an answer regarding our patient’s illnesses, often in less than a day. We also have access to all specialty labs used to diagnose certain genetic and infectious disease.

At PVS, we strongly believe that your pet benefits when we incorporate labwork in our preventative and disease management strategies.