July, 2014: Spunky

We were lucky to have Spunky join our lives when he was only a few weeks old. It is hard to imagine our days before Spunky as he will be turning 12 years old this summer and is such a big part of our life. When he was only a few years old we realized that we needed a complete health facility that did more than routine exams. We were lucky enough to have researched and chosen Pewaukee Veterinary Service for Spunky’s complete care. Dr. Tom Hirth has been his doctor ever since and Spunky loves him. Spunky also loves all of the technicians and employees who work at PVS. This has become one of his favorite outings. Spunky went blind in his right eye two years ago but is doing fine and has learned to compensate with remarkable smelling and hearing. Spunky is adjusting to being a senior. He can no longer find balls that are thrown outside but he can smell toys and finds them when they are thrown in a small area for him. Even though his play time is short before he becomes tired and wants to rest, he still has the interest in finding and playing with toys for shortened times.

Spunky loves anything to do with people. Some of his favorite things to do are running errands with his Mommy and Daddy, taking walks, going to the vet, going on vacations and going boating. He will guard the door when he sees (or smells) the boating cooler or duffle bag coming out. He does not want to be left behind.

He also loves foods and eats a healthy diet. His favorite snacks are fruits and vegetables and the liver treats from Pewaukee Veterinary Service. We now buy the big tub of liver treats from PVS.

We want to thank everyone who works here for Spunky’s care. Spunky knows he is well taken care of here and trusts everyone.