Pet of the Month: George

George defines enthusiasm and extraordinary at Pewaukee Veterinary Service! George was hit by a car in 2016 where he lost nerve function in his front left leg. In November 2016, George’s leg was amputated because he wasn’t able to regain function of it. George has since been working with Dr. Morgan for rehabilitation and has been progressing very quickly, and adapting well to living with 3 legs! In March 2017, George again needed surgery for his left back knee called a TPLO (tibial plateau leveling osteotomy). He has been a remarkable wonder in rehab working hard towards a goal of better function.

George is well known for being a tenacious flirt with his many “girlfriends” that work here! He is always a dynamic force of positivity and brilliance as he enthusiastically gallops inside the building, ready to work! He is a pillar of hope for those working towards a goal in rehabilitation, and is celebrated for his immense progress! Way to go George!

  • Jack is a super cute Maltese that came to Milwaukee from a ranch outside of Dallas, Texas in September of 2010. Jack left Dallas on a very hot day and his new mom was concerned that he would arrive overheated and lethargic. Not Jack! She could hear him barking, as he was not a happy-camper after... [read more]
  • Winston’s story starts with some sadness. His parents’ beloved dog, TJ—a Eurasier—had died unexpectedly in June of 2016. To heal a heavy heart, his mom started reaching out to find another Eurasier and knew that she would have to go on a waiting list or two. Shortly after, she got the call. A li... [read more]
  • Named after the main characters in the TV show Justified, Boyd and Raylan (better known as Ray or Ray-Ray) both joined their family a month apart in the fall of 2015. Boyd and Ray are cousins (their moms are sisters), with Boyd being the long-haired version of Ray. The two have grown to be best ... [read more]
  • Meet Ollie, a 15-week-old English Springer Spaniel! Ollie is one adventurous pup who came to his family from Rock River Kennels in June 2018. It’s hard for his parents to narrow down everything Ollie likes and loves, but a few of his favorites include going swimming at the lake (with occasion... [read more]
  • Moose is a charcoal Labrador from a small breeder in Elroy, WI. He was the largest of his litter—that’s how he got his name—and joined his new family when he was only nine weeks old. Already at almost 20 pounds and with thick legs, giant paws, and lots of skin to grow into, his mom and dad knew ... [read more]
  • When Lucy was brought home, she only weighed about 3 pounds and was so small that her parents thought she looked like a Beanie Baby! Lucy is a chocolate brown cocker spaniel with a white patch on her chest and little brown freckles. She also has adorable white patches on the bottoms of her back ... [read more]
  • Ming's mom started searching for a Tonkinese cat (a Siamese and Burmese mix) after her daughter and her cat moved out, leaving her Siamese named Sukie a bit lonely. It took several months, but she found an eight-week-old female kitten from a Wisconsin breeder. Or so she thought. She had schedule... [read more]
  • Edie had quite a difficult time before she found her forever home. In November 2012, she was found as a stray in downtown Slinger and taken to the Washington County Humane Society. She was estimated to be about eight years old and in rough shape, with a few broken teeth. She did not have a micro... [read more]
  • Sometimes the spirit of a beloved pet passes on in another, when a pet parent least expects it. That’s what happened when a special dog Libby lost her long cancer battle, and Bodie came to be. Shortly after losing Libby, a neighbor asked if these pet parents would take Yoda—a skinny, dirty p... [read more]
  • Clyde has been a great addition to his family, especially for his brother—a yellow lab. At just under 4 years old, Clyde is always the life of the party. He has never seen a bed or sofa that he didn’t test out with a nap, and he’s known to take over the couch and not leave room for anyone else i... [read more]
  • Olyver’s mom adopted him from HAWS when he was six years old (because old guys need love, too!). Her dog had recently passed, so she went to the humane society “just to look.” When she met Olyver, he crawled right onto her lap and started licking her face. Needless to say, she walked out shortly... [read more]
  • There are no words to describe the sense of loss Cowboy’s mom felt after his passing—she had lost her best friend. Cowboy brought his mom—and everyone he met—never-ending happiness and smiles. He was a comedic boxer with a willful attitude (and selective hearing), which he found entertaining... [read more]