December, 2014: Daisy


Hi my name is Daisy. My parents call me Baby Daisy. I am a 10 year old Peke-a-poo so I’m really not a baby but don’t tell my parents that. I’ve been coming to PVS since day one. I’ve grown from a mere 2 lbs. to a hefty 8 lbs. I may be small but I’m very feisty and stubborn. Dr. Randy has always taken great care of me and now Dr. Morgan is also helping with my nutrition. I wish she would recommend French Fries and cheese but I have a feeling it’s going to be healthy stuff. I have probably seen every vet here because my parents are worriers. They have never had a dog or kids so I’m very, very important.

This last year has been rough for all of us. I was diagnosed with a liver shunt. I was born with it and no one knew until my blood tests were off. I’m doing really well so far thanks to PVS. I’ve got new meds, food and some herbal remedies. But most importantly my mom says I’m a fighter! I’ve always been a skittish shy dog but now I’ve become what Dr. Randy calls “crabby.” My parents say I should say sorry to a lot of people but especially Reed and my awesome groomer Kelly. I’ m sorry and I will work on my trust issues if you stay away from my butt.

At home I am so sweet and the ultimate cuddler. I like walks in cool weather, snuggling on the bed with my parents, and sitting in front of the fireplace. For the record I’ve been allowed only 30 minutes because I sit too close and dry out my skin. I have voiced my objections but to no avail. I love playing with my toys especially my blue ball. I like riding in the car in my new car seat (because my dad believes in safety). I also get crazy excited to see my grandma.

I may be anxious and uncomfortable with strangers but I really can be sweet when I relax a bit. My parents love me so much and want the best for me. I know My PVS family wants that too. Thank you for taking good care of me and my overprotective parents.