August, 2014: Molly

Molly is an 8 ½ year old Shetland Sheepdog with an endearingly sweet disposition. She sees Dr. Randy and some of the other veterinarians here at Pewaukee Veterinary Service. Molly, like many of our pets gets the “Princess” treatment at her house. She also gets to spend some of her time with her wonderful owners on the shores of Fox Lake, WI. Here is an experience her family shared with us.

“I thought of one story which at the time wasn’t all that funny. However in retrospect, it is now. Our neighbors (Jeff and Ruthann) had a young boxer named Wilbur in addition to Gonzo. They were all buddies but Wilbur was still quite spirited and Gonzo would get in between the two of them and pick him up by the scruff of his neck to protect Molly. Then a couple of years ago, Molly was on our pier on Fox Lake when Wilbur came bounding onto the pier and knocked her off into the water. It wasn’t intentional but he was blind in one eye and sometimes miscalculated distances. He ran me over once and I went flying. Molly is not a water dog and went under and resurfaced and started swimming out into the middle of the lake. It was early spring and plenty cold. Our neighbor reached down and grabbed her by the scruff and pulled her on the pier. She was petrified, shivering and looked like a drowned rat. She seldom goes on the pier now even though Wilber has moved to Horicon.”

The staff at Pewaukee Veterinary Service feels a part of your family and we hope you feel a part of ours. Crazy things can happen in the summer months- like what happened to Molly. We are glad she was okay! We always advise our clients to be prepared for any situation. If you have any questions on how to be better prepared in a situation give our technicians a call at (262)347-0787.