April, 2015: Vivi


Hi! My name is Vivi, which means “sassy” in French! My owners decided to call me this because when they brought me home from living in the wild,  I was constantly climbing the Christmas tree and running up and down the halls—especially when everyone was sleeping and all I wanted to do was play. Whenever I know I’m doing something naughty and my owners see it, I try to run away really fast so they don’t catch me! This includes being on tables or tormenting my brother.  I love to take kitty naps but when I get up, I roam the house and cause a ruckus because all I want to do is play.

My brother, Wizard, is just like me, but he’s crabby at times because he never wants to play. My sister, Punkin, is a bit bigger and barks. I love playing with her! Sometimes I cuddle up to my brother and sister when I take naps. When I get up from my naps, all I want to do is be held.  My parents spoil me with a lot of toys and play with me all the time. My dad spoils me the most because he still wants me to eat canned food (my favorite) when my mom wants me to eat dry food. I’m eating dry food at the moment but my dad went out and bought a lot of canned food.

I recently underwent surgery to be spayed and had my front claws out because my Wizard is blind and doesn’t like it when I claw him when I’m just trying to play. He has his front claws out, too. My parents also didn’t want me ruining their furniture or clawing them. I used to be able to hang from the curtains in the living room but now I can’t. The people at the vet said I’m a very strong kitten because when I got shots I didn’t flinch or meow.

I love looking out the big window in the living room and love to pretend that I’m hunting the birds. Whenever someone is making food, I’m on their toes meowing—making sure I’ll get a taste, which I never do. I’m a little kitty with a big appetite and a rambunctious attitude!