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Resources For You

The Internet can be a powerful resource, but information online is not always accurate or reliable. Choose your websites carefully to make sure you get the correct and trusted information you need directly from veterinarians.

April 2015 Canine Flu Update
Dogs and Ticks
Pets and Parasites

Helpful Links for Cat Owners:

Getting Your Cat to the Veterinarian
Download Getting Your Cat to the Veterinarian
American Association of Feline Practitioners Helpful Videos for Cat Owners
Reducing Stress for Both You & Your Cat at the Vet

For website information we recommend on a variety of medical, behavior and nutritional topics, click on the links below.

University of Wisconsin Madison School of Veterinary Medicine
Animal Surgical Center of Michigan
Ohio Sate Veterinary College, dealing with medical and behavior problems common in indoor cats
American Animal Hospital Association
Sponsored by The American Animal Hospital Association
Pet friendly hotels & tips for traveling with pets
American Heartworm Society
Information on canine lyme disease, sponsored by Boehringer-Ingleheim
Companion Animal Parasite Council: information and national maps of lyme disease-affected areas of the US
For owners of cats with asthma
Kidney disease in cats
Support for pet owners who anticipate losing their pet or who’s pet has passed away
Hill’s pet nutrition
The Latest on Heartworms
Trupanion Pet Insurance
Pet Insurance Comparisons
FDA Information for Pet Owners
Internet Pharmacy Updates
FDA Updates for Pet Owners

Pet Poison Info:

ASPCA Animal Poison Control
Pet Poison Hotline

Dog and Cat CPR Guidelines:

New Guidelines for CPR in Dogs and Cats