• Can you imagine what it would feel like to wear a permanent fur jacket on a hot summer day? As the temperatures heat up outside, we need to make sure we keep our fur jacket-wearing family members cool! Hot environments can cause heatstroke easily, and severe heatstroke is a life or death situation... [read more]
  • Yes, unfortunately it’s true! The thought that your furry family member could potentially pass onto you a disease or infection gives you the ‘heebie jeebies’ just thinking about it! What does ‘zoonotic’ mean you say? It means that these types of diseases can be passed from animals to humans. They ca... [read more]
  • Lyme disease is the most commonly reported tick-borne disease we see, and ticks are not just ‘up north’ or out in the woods. They are literally everywhere and endemic in Wisconsin, and it’s not unusual to see them all year-round! We saw over a seven percent increase in Lyme disease cases in 2016 c... [read more]
  • Prevention Really is Key There are simple ways to keep your pet safe from parasites and diseases, but you must be diligent about protection. It’s easy to dismiss the importance of prevention, but many diseases out there are life-threatening so don’t wait until it’s too late. Here at Pewaukee Vete... [read more]
  • A dog’s chance encounter with an Eastern Hognose Some dogs are particularly intrigued by snakes’ movements and easily startled to their presence, not to mention the snake’s inability to notice a dog’s territorial markings. It is important to know that snakes are quite afraid of humans and pets al... [read more]
  • Siberian Husky resting close by the deadly Amanita muscaria mushroom Pets can get themselves into all sorts of trouble outside, but beware of the hidden dangers in wild mushrooms! All wild-growing mushrooms should be regarded as toxic until proven otherwise. There are no wild mushrooms that can b... [read more]
  • In most cases, dogs have itchy skin as a result of fleas, environmental allergens (ex. pollen, mold, and dust mites), food, and skin contact with allergens (ex. carpet deodorants, shampoos, and insecticidal products). Apoquel is a medication that works to block the allergic itch at the source to... [read more]
  • You hear the word dog training and you think—work. Lots and lots of work. Training is not as overwhelming as you might think, though. With effort, any pet owner can build a lifelong bond with their dog to ensure a happy, long relationship with each other and to secure a forever home for your new fam... [read more]
  • It is with a heavy heart we inform our readers of the sad event that recently occurred—we had to wish a loving and fond ‘Goodbye’ to our beloved blogging author, Boomer. He has crossed the Rainbow Bridge and leaves behind a legacy fondly remembered by all those whose lives he’s touched—whether they ... [read more]
  • Fun in the sun is just around the corner and enjoying summer with your dog doubles the fun. Keep these things in mind when your pet joins you at outdoor activities. Heat and Sun Exposure • Your pet should NEVER be left unattended in a parked car during the summer—even one parked in the shade o... [read more]
  • by Karen Selbert, DVM Three weeks ago, I removed my first tick from a patient for the season, and just yesterday guess what else I found? Fleas! Ticks survived well into November last year, and because we already know they are active in 2015, ticks are able to attach onto our poor, unsuspecting p... [read more]
  • Most of us are familiar with the risk of heartworm disease in dogs, but few may be aware that cats can also be affected. As there is no approved drug therapy available for cats, a prevention program is critical for both outdoor and indoor pets. Prevention is the only means of protecting cats from th... [read more]
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